Rains of Grace Fellowship

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Tony Pawloski III   (1970-2023)

Former Senior Leader/ Pastor 

Tony was a 1996 graduate of Valley Forge Christian College with a degree in Biblical studies. He held credentials through Rains of Grace Ministerial Fellowship since 2009 as an ordained Minister and with the International Ministerial Fellowship prior since 1997. He has traveled throughout the world preaching youth meetings, conferences, revival services, and other evangelistic outreaches. He was the founding and lead pastor at Rains of Grace Fellowship, and oversaw  the Rains of Grace Ministerial Fellowship. 



Anthony Pawloski Jr.


Anthony is the Networking Director at Rains of Grace Fellowship. He also serves as the lead elder on the church board. He is a 2010 Graduate of The International School of Ministry with an Associates Degree in the Bible. Tony Has a deep passion for evangelism and discipleship.




James Vincent, Pastor

1996 Graduate of Valley Forge University

2004 Graduate of Ashland Theological Seminary

Pastoral Ministry BA in the Bible

Pastoral Clinical Counseling MA

25 Years of experience in Youth Ministry

25 Years of experience in Pastoral Clinical Counseling.